Wednesday, June 3, 2009

me look pretty...

I had the occasion to get all dolled up today...
put on my makeup,
my earrings,
and my shoes with heels,

and meet a friend for lunch.

An afternoon of using my mind to look at art was oh so refreshing.

If you e
ver find your self involuntarily unemployed,
Make the most of it.

Plan out your days,
give your self structure,

think of things to look forward to.
If you are lucky enough to have an art museum in your town - visit.
Hopefully you bought yourself a membership back when you were a working citizen and now you can go for free...
Hey! Wasn't that a nice thing you did for yourself?!

And remember all those days sitting at your desk wishing you could go to an art museum in the middle of the day? Well, now you can...

And the best thing - you can have the place to yourself.