Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Assessment 2 - The Hill:
When I decided to bring The Pash into my life, I knew my agreement with myself to never walk a bike up a hill would be broken. In a way this really bummed me out, but instead of letting this one thing be my obstacle, I have accepted it and am focusing on all of the other good things that have, and will come from having Pash. I'm not going to lie, she's a heavy weight and though that is not always a bad thing, going up hills is noticably more challenging. I could probably work up a big sweat and get her up the hill, I've rode bigger hills, but there is no need. I just hop off, step through, and gently push The Pash up, taki
ng in the evening sun and the green surroundings.

walking up THE HILL
Two things about the hill...
1. I set goals for myself. Maybe this time I ride to the tree at the bottom, maybe in a month that tree at the middle, and before I know it maybe to the top.
2. Saddly, The Hill won't be part of my commute life after this summer. We are moving our offices. Be careful what you wish for, it often comes true and then you realize the beauty in what you have.