Sunday, October 26, 2008

solitude gratitude...

When you change your mindset,
your mind can change with you.

Yes, there was rain that had a white hew to it yesterday on my walk.

Yes, I have to wear multiple layers of clothes especially made for cold weather now on my Saturday rides.

Yes, we are seeing less of the sun now days.

BUT on my Saturday ride I was pleasantly riding in solitude, in full sun, in warm clothes (love the new tights), meeting a few other brave riders on my path and giving each other the mental nod to keep it up. I took in the view of the leaves changing on m
y path, and I enjoyed the silence of a quiet October Saturday - just me and my bicycle.

And on Sunday instead of sulking about what was surely to come, I again put on the warm clothes, embraced the 30+ mph gusting winds, and headed to the lake for my walk. At one point it felt like NorCal in winter, rain spritzing my face, coolness (but not cold) in the air, and that dim winterish light.

Solitude was the theme of the weekend and I loved it.
And Gratitude is the theme of the day...

Yes, the rain was white,
and yes it is ridiculously cold for October,
and yes living here is hard,
but what good does it do to complain?

When I embrace what I have before me, pop my vitamin D in the morning, and get out there and move,
There is NOTHING to complain about.
I am happy,
I am treating myself for working hard all week, and
I am fortunate indeed.

Yes I live in a country that has gone in a terrible direction for a long time, BUT...
I have a house.
I have a job.
I have health insurance.
And I have faith that slowly, hopefully quickly, my country will begin to change.

PS Go shopping! Go out to eat! Go support your neighbors and friends.