Tuesday, October 7, 2008

oh deer...

While gathering my morning coffee fix recently during a visit to Duluth, this well designed little card caught my eye. I had completely forgotten about it until I for once, was able to not work and pull out my knitting. This cute little card was tucked in my book. I do not by any means condone killing animals, but it is the humor in this promo, and the event itself which I find enduring. This coming from a gal who had a week off of school every November for 'Deer Hunting Season'. I will never forget the image of dead deer hanging from every tree in the country and I will never agree with the mentality, but I am not here to take a stand on deer hunting, I am here to muse about the uniqueness in this place called Minnesota.

And speaking of deer hunting, I always find it strange and disconcerting that people in the City of Minneapolis can conduct target practice feet away from the bicycle trails. This blew me away when I moved here. To each their own I guess.

Stay safe out there and get your craft on!