Thursday, September 18, 2008

changing patterns...

In reality I wish I could ride my bike everywhere here year round.
THE reality is that this is an American city and everything here is far apart and often requires driving.
The other reality is that it can get brutally cold here during the winter - impenetrable weather for all but the extreme hardy cyclist.

Over a year ago while sitting in our backyard we heard some strange noises, many many sirens, and saw a black cloud moving over our heads - the main connecting bridge in our town had collapsed. Unbelievable. One can curse cars and oil all they want, but the reality is this town needs this bridge and at long last it has opened today.
I have mixed feelings that people will return to old habits and forget the public transit, carpooling, and bicycle commuting they have found to fill the gap. But one should not underestimate Minnesotans. My friend Lars started bike commuting this summer and has kept it up. I think most people here found new paths from the tragedy and will not take getting in their car quite as lightly as perhaps they once did. Personally, we are thrilled to reduce our idling when we head down south and that the bridge was built to accomodate light rail one day.

And so, a new path begins...