Sunday, June 8, 2008

Plants lead to bikes...

What has happened to me? I am at the closest 'hardware store' getting some finishing supplies for the Rain Barrel and Hubby points out a bike that I have to stop and oogle at as he walks into the store. Then I have to show him the bike again as we walk out of the store (after I had entertained the idea of getting on the store PA system to offer the owner of the bike $200 for this old school gem). It was a 1960/70 Hawthorne with the "Made in England" plack on the front.

It didn't look as sweet as this one, and it was a step-through.
(I also learned today, always carry the camera when you have an obsession going - you never know what you might see).
Thank you to Old Three-Speed Gallery for the picture.

Then, I am walking Bob and see the old man riding on the sidewalk I kind of made fun of last summer - "Why doesn't that guy get a new bike, that thing has to be 30 years old!" Today - "That bike rocks - vintage cool!"

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