Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And life moves on...

I don't know why, but I feel melancholy that the bunnies have moved on. One minute they are feeding directly from their mother in our backyard, and the next they are off on their own just like the lady at the Humane Society said they would be. It was fascinating while it lasted.

What is still at hand is the Dutch-Style bike quandary. Inspired by the comments on my last big post, I thought I would add an addendum...
Overwhelmed and indecisive – yep, that’s me. I should recap. I have been day dreaming over Dutch bikes for the last year or so. This Spring I decided maybe I should do something about it. I started out thinking about the price – I wanted an el-cheapo, cool looking bike that would get me somewhere in style, but not cost more tha
n the Cannondale, and maybe I would care less if I came out of the store and she had vanished (doubt it, but that’s what I tell myself). Then as the search became more in-depth, I started getting really concerned about the weight of these Dutch-style bikes. Dern they are heavy! Then I tried to mix the two criteria - it isn’t working. Add to that that I believe where you put your money makes a statement, the fact that I work in the manufacturing industry and see the crap coming out of factories because it is made so cheaply and poorly, and the fact that I think it is worth spending good money for things that last – like shoes ;), and I started getting myself in a pickle. Add to that having a husband who races bikes, where it is all about making it light, and his questioning the logic of having one of these crazy bikes, and you have a big pool of mixed emotions.

We have a BMW 2002, it is impractical, requires upkeep, we can’t drive it here in Minnesota in the winter, and it is bare-bones 1972 construction, and we LOVE it. When we got this car fixed up, driving became not about getting from point a to b, but about the places and experiences in-between. This is what hubby brings to my life. I am coming around to the same conclusion about the Dutch-style bike. I’ve got the Cannondale for mostly point a to b, I need my 2002, no matter the cost and how impractical the reality.
Thanks for all the comments and helping me work through what clearly is not 'just a bike'.