Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dutch-style bike obsession continues...

Pictures from a trip a few years ago that probably set the whole thing off... First it was all the bikes as we stepped out of the train station in Amsterdam, and then it was this woman and her dog at a train station on the way to Haarlem.

Another Dutch-style bike find - I am in LOVE. And look, they are supposed to be in the US this month! This was confirmed today in an e-mail I received from Kronan.
Thank you for your interest in the Kronan Bicycle. We’re excited to announce that Kronan USA has received its first shipment of bicycles and will go on sale the first week of May. Retail prices are still being finalized but we are looking at around $500 for single speed and $600 for the three speed (plus tax and shipping). We will offer both the single and three speed models in a variety of Kronan colors. There we be a new 5-speed aluminum, unisex model for $700 as well. We will launch a new US section of the Kronan website ( to coincide with the official introduction of the Kronan Bicycle in the United States. All the information you need to purchase a Kronan directly from us will be on the site. Currently, the website will be the only place we will offer the bicycles for purchase.

Please note that accessories will include front carrier, metal wire basket (in black) and lock. But these won't show up until late May after the bicycles already go on sale.
Coincidentally I am going to Sweden in a few weeks, I am going to investigate first hand... (ps - did you notice the US address for Kronan is of course, in SF? Oh how I miss it so.)