Sunday, December 2, 2007

Knitting again....

I started this felted bag early in the year, and finally finished it tonight. That's what happens when the mercury is headed to 3 degrees... I have fond memories of purchasing this yarn at Wildfiber in Santa Monica with my good friend Amy on a warmer LA day when oddly enough, yes, it was colder than 3 degrees here... Notice a trend?

And, remember my knitting disaster last year? Well, I've turned it into this winter's project. I frogged, yes - I did, the three skeins that were making up my hat project (the largest one) and decided to make hubby and I shorter hats instead. Sometimes it is best to know when something is not working, end the pain, and start off again on a new foot. I feel much better, and have regained my excitement for the project even though it has changed course a little bit.