Sunday, June 17, 2007

travel is good, even when it isn't ...

The not so good part, I was traveling for work. The good part, my colleague and I stumbled upon the coolest 'design' mall, Eslite Bookstore, in Taipei - we spent about 6 hours there! Some cool finds:
A Charles & Ray Eames exhibition @ Eslite
(Thanks to Dicky for the image - I can't read your blog, but it looks interesting).

I loved this store - such cute hand-made looking bags and clothes. Very cool - yet I walked away with nothing...what is wrong with me?!!

I actually bought this shirt for my was way too expensive, and is a little too tight on him, but it still rocks. The sales guy said is says "We Like Dogs".

And as you know, I have a little thing for shoes. I really had to resist all of these (click on image for link):

This place is Italian, but oh well. Thought they had some cute kids stuff. The website is fun too.

The visual of this store was cool. I liked the lotion I tried, but it seemed expensive. Love the look...

another fun shop

Be*U had super cute kids shoes, but I can not get the website to work today - maybe you can.

I've been gone a lot lately: SF, Duluth, Taichung, Taipei...and when I finally landed back at home again, Summer had officially arrived - 90's all week and nice and humid. Travel makes one appreciate what they have and being home - it is SO good to be back. More updates to come soon.