Friday, February 3, 2012

celebrating 40 hyggelig style...

Alt Summit Part 1
When I turned 40 in 2011, 
it felt like once again there I was ~ dragging my feet.
Being 30 something was so great!!  What happened?!!
Never quite willing to admit to change, I was living in denial.
My newly 40 friends were throwing bashes for themselves, planning trips to climb Everest, and even H had built a kayak over the winter and launched it on his big day.
I thought to myself, 
I can wollow in this denial, 
or I can take charge and celebrate this important milestone, 
celebrate me.  

So I began to think about what celebrating 'me' would really mean, 
how would I do that?  
I began to poke around on the internet at some of my interests, 
one of which was learning more about Photoshop.  
This singular focus began to lead me down the path of a 'getaway', 
a place I could go warm up over the winter, 
do something for myself, 
and learn something new.

As it turned out, there was this event happening in Salt Lake City in January
called Alt Summit.
It seemed perhaps a bit out of my league, 
and why would someone considering closing down her blog go to an event aimed at designers and bloggers?
I decided though I am not a professional at either,
I have always had a strong interest in design, and I do like blogging for whatever its worth.
So, I made a hotel reservation, paid my registration fee, cashed in some well deserved frequent flier miles from my San Francisco days,
packed my bags (more on that challenge later)
and off I went...

Stay with me as I recap this year's January Hiatus Event - Alt Summit!