Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Lovin'...

Summer is my favorite time of year.
I have not been here much,
and I am glad for it.
I have been soaking in
I plan to continue my
Summer Life,
and as time allows may stop in here
for a visit.
A few weeks ago
I planned a night
of enjoying
our bicycles,
good food,
and new-to-us entertainment.

When we set out on our bicycles it was in the 90s.
I expected to be a bit of a mess
upon arrival at dinner
because our ride to our destination
was around 5 miles,
but the humidity was low
and our spirits high
and we arrived
in fine form.
And who cares if sweat was dripping from our brows?
Isn't it better to arrive fit and happy
then air conditioned and flabby?
Sometimes the thought process of why not to do things
is so much easier
than actually doing them!
I loved that by the bicycle racks,
there was conveniently a full length mirror.
Perfect if you are headed to dinner,
on your bicycle.

we set off to enjoy
Northern Spark.
My favorite (of course) was The Peloton.

It was so much fun
to see the City move from dusk
to darkness
and the lights come on.

Riding home together
in the warmth
of a Summer's Eve
side by side.
There is nothing better.