Thursday, June 14, 2012

je ne sais quoi...

Untitled, 2005  fabric
The Art of Louise Bourgeois
moves me.
I have been enthralled 
since the first time I saw her works.
Really, really, really good art
about being moved,
about a feeling,
about a certain 
je ne sais quoi.

Cell XXV, 2001  Collection Ellipse Foundation, Portugal
Sutures, 1993, Marc and Livia Straus Family Collection.  Photo:  Peter Bellamy
I had Louise Bourgeois:  The Fabric Works
in my book queue for sometime
and when I checked it out from the library
I did not want to give it back.
I had no idea how much Louise Bourgeois worked in fabric,
I had forgotten the rich textile history of her family.
As a woman who works now in the textile industry,
I found the memoir by Bourgeois fascinating.
As I turned the pages through the rich images
it was as if my past life and my current life
reconciled into one.
Art and fabric.
Knowledge and beauty.
Pattern and creation.
Past and future.
Untitled 2003 and Untitled, 2005 (Private Collection, New York)

Life has a thread that winds through it.
Each spot connected 
and intertwined.
We weave our past into our present
and the future
awaits our needle.