Sunday, April 1, 2012


All images courtesy of Chronicle Books.  Link HERE.
For those of you who have followed my hyggelig
don't you worry.
My love for bicycling will never waiver.
In fact, as I age, the topic takes on more and more interesting turns.
Stay with me,
but please enjoy all of the other things I have to share as well...

With that said...
I am of fan of Chronicle Books,
they do good work.
On my recent visit to San Francisco
I was so pleased to see that with all of the independent book store closures in the City,
Chronicle is alive, and well, and thriving.
What I particularly fell in love with this week 
about their employees and their bicycle stories.
Quite fitting for my hyggelig don't you think?
I love it.

when I worked in SOMA I was one of the few bicyclists commuting in the city.
Bicycling was under an unfortunate stronghold during my tenure.
I am so pleased each time I return to see all of the wonderful bicycling changes
making the City what it fully deserves to be ~
a place for everyone, including people on bicycles.

Thanks for sharing this Chronicle!

Blogging has been going pretty slow for me this year.
Partly because perhaps I have five year burn out.
But also partly because after 5 years of limited travel in my life,
I have been gone almost more than I have been home.
Some for work, some for fun.
SLC, SF, SoCal, NY, Brooklyn.
It feels SO good to get out of dodge and feel a bit like my old self again.

I still waiver between closing this space down
and fixing this space up with some ideas planted in January.
only time will tell.

But for now I will continue...

So far you have been with me to SLC and SoCal,
I will now be turning my attention to my hyggelig ~
Hang in there folks, I am off on a jet plane again this week,
so this could very well take then entire month of April,
but I have some things I want to share about my February visit
back home.

San Francisco
I love you