Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Palm Springs: Prologue...

There are two things I love.
The Sun and Mid-Century Modern.

When we lived in Denver
we owned our dream home.
It was the late 90's/early 2000's
and no one was really paying any attention
to Mid-Century Modern.
But we were,
and we loved it.
Our house was like nothing we had ever seen before,
we were beyond excited to own such a gem.
Despite the fact that the house had not been cared for
and needed all sorts of work,
we loved her
and we began to dive in on making her our own.
Right when we finished
the bathroom remodel
and the kitchen remodel,
we moved to California.
It broke our hearts
to leave our home.
And though many good things came from that move,
we have been missing her ever since.

When we lived in our house in Denver, no one really knew much about our little pod of Mid-Century homes.  We were told the houses were labeled 'California Contemporary' after a builder in California.
Little did we know that our house was modeled after the homes of one of the most important Mid-Century architects ever - Joseph Eichler.
While living in California, I learned of a development just north of us in San Rafael and longingly drove through, continuing to dream of living in one of these houses again someday.

During the time we were in California,
paying our landlord's mortgage,
Mid-Century Modern began to really take off.
Always ahead of the curve,
we missed riding the wave.
Our little "California Contemporary"
became one of the hottest
real estate tickets in town.

Fast forward to our time in Minnesota and my desperate need for Sun.
I began to take notice of the Palm Springs hype of 
lots of Sun
lots of Mid-Century Modern.
So off we went in search of Sun and Mid-Century Modern...