Tuesday, February 7, 2012

very Alt...

1.  See Jane Blog letterpress card and 'gift' bag to hold business cards.  Jane was at My Wed. Night 'Dinner With'.  2. I Still Love You Bracelet and 'decal' - Melissa was at my Dinner With and kindly gave me a ride back to the hotel, which I appreciate since it was pouring rain!.  3.  Unstitched - Lillian was at my Round Table session on Friday morning and I loved her card 'gift' - the cutest accent of which was that tiny little paperclip. 
There is so much to say about Alt
I'm not really sure where to begin.
So I will begin at the beginning...

From the moment I landed at the airport,
life was very Alt.

What do I mean by very Alt?
Everyone introduced themselves,
Everyone said where they were from,
Everyone was HAPPY to be there,
and Everyone said why they were there.
That's Alt, 24/7.
The moment you sit down at a session, at lunch, at a party,
people say Hi and wrap you into the Alt culture of,
Let's be nice to each other, supportive, happy, and have a good time.

1.  my hyggelig card  2.  Love the white on white of Moss and Isaac's cards, I met CJ at the Kirtsy/HP CNY photobooth, she was taking her photo by herself too, which I appreciated.  3.  buysomedamnart ~ I met Kate at a roundtable I will discuss later.  love this card, partly because of my art related background.  4.  Melanie Saucier had this great red dress on at the Friday Night 'Sparkle' parties, I went up and complimented her dress and ended up meeting a great person with many interesting things to say.  Of course I LOVE the bicycle image.
Before I left I really had no idea what a big thing business cards were at Alt,
but I thought I better make some up to bring along.
I am SO glad I did,
because part of being very Alt
is handing a business/calling card to everyone you meet.
Some people's cards are so fancy, they are like receiving little gifts!
I love that.
One of my favorite card 'gifts' I received at the dinner on the first night...
See Jane said, I had these bags made up so you can have a place to keep all your business cards.
How great is that?!  Plus, she catered to my weakness with her own card ~letterpress.
Thanks Jane - I DID use this bag for the entire conference, it was perfect!
My own card was simply a clean design I made in Word and printed on some old Avery business card stock I bought years ago.  I was happy with how they looked and glad to have them to hand out!

One common theme I learned from the speakers at Alt
is that no one really sets out in life to go down a single road.
Often where people end up and find success
is not where they began and thought they would find it.
And one thing I have learned as I get older,
Fake It.
No one knows what they are doing,
act like you do and figure it out as you go along.
I came to Alt, GASP....
Alt was what I made of it.
I love meeting new people and when I did,
I handed them my business card,
but there was so much more...

I found out I wasn't the only one 
who had no idea what to wear to the Winter White party,
or who had been laid off in the last few years,
or who wasn't sure why I was blogging but knew I loved it,
or was not entirely convinced where I was living was the best place for me,
and that like I always believe ~ life is a puzzle,
almost always there is one piece missing.
It is how you choose to work around the missing piece that is important.
I learned that if I talk to people,
not complain mind you,
but TALK and LISTEN,

I find out people are just like me.
And that my friends,
is very Alt...

Other cards pictured here will be listed in a Links Page I am working on...