Thursday, September 8, 2011

night life...

We have never been much for nightlife,
but we do enjoy a good evening walk around the lake on warm summer nights.

Is this picture of the pup awesome or what? He looks like a strange alien super creature.
Photography surprises are fun.

We also found a nice little spot on a Holiday Sunday night to discuss
art, life, us.

I hate to say it, but sometimes Minneapolis just gets under my skin.

On another note, does anyone else out there use the new blogger posting template and dashboard interface?
I have stuck to the old blogger templates for the longest time, especially for posting, but I am trying to finally go with the new modern age. My beef with the posting templates in blogger (old and new) is that when you preview what you have done, they never look like they did in the draft. You have to monkey around with a lot of weird formatting to actually get it to look like it does when you are writing your post. Like for example in the new posting template, the text aligns to the right of my pictures, I want it underneath - I can't find a way to do that, so I have to return about 30 times and then return some more to get it to look right in the preview and then there are HUGE white space gaps in the preview. Then in the old blogger posting template, it doesn't read returns at the end of my lines correctly, so I have to go in and return on every line AGAIN. wtf?

Also, formatting pictures is more rigid with the new posting template. I can't be a free spirit, I am limited to small, medium, large, right, center, left. I HATE that.

Maybe I need to go to some blogger 101 after 5 years?! Any advice is appreciated.
I just had to go back to the old old blogger posting template and interface to get this to look how I wanted it to! Gurr!!!

I have been a loyal blogger for 5 years, but this is getting really annoying...