Friday, August 19, 2011

when pigs fly...

I am back from New York.
And something strange has happened to me.

I am actually glad to be 'home',
in Minnesota.

I have always felt
my ability to come 'home'
to Minneapolis,
and be happy about it,
would occur about at the same time pigs would fly.
Has five years beaten me down,
or has five years changed me?
NorCal will always be
where my heart is,
and I know someday I will go back.
But for now,
I am glad to be back where there is space,
where it is green,

and where I can freely ride my bicycle

all weekend long

to places that calm my heart.
Minneapolis has gotten a bit under my skin,
though a bit shocking,
not entirely surprising
given all that is good here.

Speaking of when pigs fly...

My co-op has a new mural.

It is fun,



I want to hang out with that pig,

they've got it all goin' on!

I mean,

how cool is an overall-wearing,


pig on a bicycle?

Happy Friday Everyone!
Don't wait for pigs to fly,
make the most of where you are at now.
My plans are for lots of
bicycle happiness this weekend,

how about you?