Tuesday, August 2, 2011

it is beautiful...

We have a favorite farm
from which a lot of the food we eat comes.

It is local, organic, and delicious.

Thing is, we had never been there,

until this weekend.

Thanks to some good folks in the area,

our farm, and others, were open to everyone this weekend,

to talk to the farmers, see the fruits of their labor,

and in our case, take home the first corn of the season.


When I was little,
my parents best friends lived on a Wisconsin farm.

I spent a lot of time there.

Being around cows and fields

seemed like a great thing to be doing as a child.

Then I moved away to bigger, and bigger cities,
until I bounced back to the Midwest.

It has been about 30 years
since I set foot on a farm.

It has been far too long.

What a city girl needs more than anything,

is to escape the city.

See the bluest blue skies,

breathe the freshest of fresh air,

listen to the silent silence.

One of the biggest surprises of the day
was entering the garlic drying room.

Completely unexpected

and completely divine.

The smell, oh the smell!!

Many years ago
I came home to a very sick husband.

His body was rejecting something he ate.

After experiencing this a few times,

we began to deduce it was a reaction to pesticides on our food.

We started going to a new grocery store,

we began buying organic produce,

and we started to live.

Not only did H's body stop having violent upheavals

against the food he ate,

but our lives changed

bit by bit.

Our store started to become part of our community,

the way we ate became a way of life,

our eyes were opened and we became aware.

We understood that the choices we make

have direct results

on our livelihood,

and the livelihood of others.

Minnesota is difficult,

but when it shares its bounty

and you meet the people

and you eat the food fresh from the land

organic and vibrant,

it is beautiful...