Wednesday, July 27, 2011

together apart...

alternate post title: encounters of the bicycle kind...

H and I both ride our bicycles a lot.
At the end of a work day we often both suit up

and head out,


but apart.

Sometimes we love riding together,

sometimes we need to ride apart.

Not because we want to be alone,

but the fact is our skill level is different,

we finish our work days at different times,

and we ride different routes and miles.

We are both 40

and the winter was not so kind to us,

stress will do that to a person.

We both are strong believers

in losing our winter weight,

getting out and getting fit,

and the huge mental benefits

of bicycling.
Riding our fast bicycles in our lycra
is part of what we do.

It is always great running into a friend

when you are out on your bicycle,

but it is even better running into

the one you love.

Everytime we see each other from afar,

it is an electric moment,

we stop, we chat, we encourage each other.
These encounters are often the first time
we have seen each other for hours
and it is good to catch up,
set the stage for the evening,
and know we are both okay.
Then H heads home to let out the pup,
and I head out to let the day melt away...