Friday, June 3, 2011

clever beauty...

Woolly Pocket & Bacsac images

This is not a new concept by any means,

it has been floating around in the pages of Dwell and at Maison & Objet for a few years.

But I have seen this concept in two places in my life in the last week and have been giving it more serious consideration.

The textile garden.

Being I love textiles, am enjoying gardens more as I age, and love good design,

I am thinking I may incorporate some of these into my Summer.

OMG - Am I really sitting here having meetings right now?!!!

In fact, I had two meetings in this very spot last week.

Yes, even I was jealous of myself!!

And they had cleverly used the textile garden to great affect

on the border of the railings here.


Wise Acre Eatery Ceiling - I am in love with it.

Then I ate a new restaurant in town and these things are all over,

on the walls on the inside, and covering the fence around the waste area outside.

Great concepts!

More on this place later.

Image: Flora Grubb

What do you think?
Have you used these before?

Clever beauty,

it's what makes the everyday



Woolly Pocket
Flora Grub