Thursday, March 3, 2011

Southern hospitality...

Let's leave Austin
and head on over to Greenville.

Home of another well-known cyclist.

I was here in January for a work trip

and was smitten.

Maybe it was the fact I could see my neck,

walk outside,

and breathe the air.

Maybe it was the girl on a bicycle

with her fast lovin' gear on

that made me relate

(and jealous...).

Maybe it was all the bicycle lanes downtown.

Maybe it was the fact it was actually a fun work trip.

Maybe it was the fact that I love textiles

and there is such a rich history here.

Maybe it was the fact that it was
60 degrees and Sunny
in January...

I was not able to bicycle while I was here,

but obviously it's got some good cred.

A true Northerner at heart,

the South always intrigues

and challenges me.