Friday, February 25, 2011

half full...

It is snowing here this morning
and 8 degrees.
Two weeks ago today

H & I landed in Austin
where it was always sunny

and by the last day,
73 degrees.
I have no resolve left,
I hate winter more than ever.

So in honor or the Handmade Bicycle Show
starting today in Austin,

I am posting a mini-set of posts
looking fondly back at my time there.

First off,
My Beloved...

When I was in Austin I fell

In Love

with a BeUtiful bicycle.
The Beloved Half Full.
Like someone you existed fine without all your life,
but now feel you can't exist without,
I need this bicycle!
This is exactly the bicycle I have had in my mind for months.
The tube size, the beauty, the color, the quality.
All of it.
Any bicycle whose motto is
"let us chase the sun"

is a bicycle for me!

I have a pretty big birthday coming up...
anyone listening?!!

More on Beloved

More on Austin tomorrow.