Saturday, February 12, 2011

bikish blogishness...

what did I do, where did I go, what did I see?

So what does a gal do when she is on a blog hiatus?

Work on another blog...

Part of my bikishness
has involved setting up the new blog
for the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.
You may recognize the hyggelig shots in the banner...
With the help of the kind gent who manages the MBC website,
we set up the MBC's first blog.
Wordpress was chosen as the platform,
initially I was quite enamored with wp,
but that lasted about 5 minutes.
I am really a blogger kind of gal.
I equate it to folks who like macs or pc's,
I'm a mac gal.
Anyhow, it has been an interesting experience
and I have learned a lot.
The blog will continue to evolve and it has been fun
to see the content of our contributors thus far.

Being bikish is fun,
I am glad I now have an official affiliation
through which to put all my bikishness
to good use.

And I am happy to say,
it doesn't stop at the blog...