Monday, January 31, 2011

Creative Bicycle Blogger Women: Dottie...

And last, but certainly not least,
D.O.T. is in the house...

I came across LGRAB
back when
neither Dottie or Trish had a Dutch-style bicycle.
here and I stumbled upon it through another blog. I think it must have been sometime late in 2008 or early 2009.
Whenever it was,
in blog years it seems like forever ago.
I was there during
that first search,
and I have watched the evolution
And of course,

being a Midwestern gal,

I am drawn to her
fortitude and positive attitude.
Dottie may not think she has been creative,
but I think she is terribly so.
It's not necessarily about picking a specific craft,

it can be done in words,

and in the mind,

and obviously she's got something going on...

When I think of Dottie's creativity,

I also think of her adventurous spirit
and of course,
her ever increasing skills
behind the camera.
You can find Dottie at
Let's Go Ride a Bike and also at Dream Camera.


What is your preferred form of creative expression (i.e. knitting, printmaking, photography, sewing, etc.) and why?
Photography, because it's the only form of creative expression I'm any good at. I always wished I could be a creative person, but I'm more a consumer of creativity: reading novels and listening to music and gawking at art voraciously. At my age, I'd given up hope of developing any artistic talent, but I sort of stumbled into photography and now I'm obsessed with what my camera can create.

What is your preferred bicycle and why?
Choosing a specific bicycle among the three I own is impossible. My preferred type of bicycle has characteristics shared by all three: a city bike with a steel frame, sloped top tube, front basket, rear rack, fenders and a bell. This type of bicycle can take me all around town in any weather while wearing a skirt and ballet flats.

You are a woman who rides a bicycle who has a creative side. Tell us about that.
That statement would not have applied to me three short years ago, but yes, I now ride my bike everywhere and spend a lot of time on photography.

There has been great discussion throughout time of women being creative. I see our current time as one we have taken as our own when it comes to craft, creativity, and being a woman. Much different than say the time of our mothers. I feel the same about my bicycle and why I ride ~ not necessarily out of necessity, but a conscious decision. Do you ever think about this ~ what are your thoughts?
I think about this a lot on a personal level. By the time my mom was the age I am now, she had three daughters in elementary and high school. Pretty much the same story with my mother's mother. Both of them are talented painters, who create beautiful works of art without much formal art education or even much time to themselves. My mom is also skilled at crocheting, sewing and cooking. Unlike my sisters, I was never good at art and during my girlhood I sort of shunned traditional women's crafts. Now here I am a few months shy of 30 with a law career and no kids and I find myself drawn for the first time to that traditional crafty world. I'm learning to knit with a group of women at work - I never thought I'd want to knit! This change of heart may have to do with disillusionment with the traditional world of work and power.

I see a clear line for myself that links biking, crafting, creativity, and blogging. Do you see a connection between how you express yourself when being creative, being bikey and blogging?
Yes, I also see that type of connection. First, from a practical standpoint, a lot of what I photograph revolves around bicycling and places I see along the way, which I then blog about, using the photographs to illustrate my experiences. From a more philosophical standpoint, bicycling creates time for me to take in the world at a slower pace and let my mind wander. Writing about it all later allows me to be more introspective about everyday experiences.

Have you ever practiced your craft whilst riding your bicycle? :)
Absolutely. I always carry my camera (or cameras) with me on my bicycle and pull over any time something catches my eye. I also use my bicycle (or bicycles) as photographic muses.

What most inspires you?
Conversations with really smart, funny and friendly women inspire me more than anything else.

If you could not ride your bicycle or express yourself creatively, what would you do?
I suppose I'd spend even more time reading and listening to music than I do now - soaking up others' creativity.

Anything more you want to add?
Thank you so much for putting this series together. I've enjoyed reading everyone's interviews and I'm humbled to be among such wonderful company. Also, a huge debt of gratitude for sharing your own creative world here on My Hyggelig, an endless source of inspiration for me.

In some ways I am speechless on what to say about Dottie.
I think it is all really quite self evident.

A strong woman,

with a vision,

who rides beautiful bicycles,

reaches out with her smile,

and tells it like it is.

Roll on D.O.T.! roll on...

And this concludes what has been a lovely month here at my hyggelig.
I want to thank all of my Creative Bicycle Blogger Women for sharing this space with me.

I am honored by your presence, touched by your thoughtfulness, and appreciative of the time you gave me.

Happy 2011 Everyone!

And Cheers to a Creative and Bicycle Filled year!
See you back here soon...