Saturday, November 20, 2010

right gear, right attitude...

winter mornings
are about spending time

with your pup

and holding on
what is left of
your muscles

winter afternoons
are about doing
those things
you never take the time to do
in Summer.

A note about my 'gear':
last Christmas H got me a very warm cycling jacket
from my go-to brand, Sugoi.
It is a Sugoi Firewall Jacket H found on closeout last year;
it is paper thin, but toasty warm.
I'm a huge Sugoi fan, they never steer me wrong.
Being a woman, I appreciate any company who makes
cycling clothes that fit my body and work like cycling clothes should.
I have found that using this jacket for power walking the pups
in cold temps, with my Sugoi cold weather hoodie purchased a few years ago,
and a Patagonia Cap 3 top underneath is the perfect combo.

Good clothes are worth the money, even if you can only afford a few things.
I would highly recommend this jacket ~ city gals would find
this to be a nice compliment (in my preferred black) under a fashionable winter coat.

I am also wearing my cycling glasses which are great for keeping the wind out.
I love these glasses because they have rubber nose bits that keep them put,
the optics are great, as always with Oakley,
and again, they were made for women, so they fit.
And as with the jacket, I want a 'city', less sporty, pair for my everyday.

I hate being cold and I am not a big fan of winter,
but all you need is the right gear,
and the right attitude,
and you can be toasty warm
at 22F with a windchill bringing it to 12F,
On your feet,
or on your bicycle.

Happy Saturday Everyone!
Wish I could say I was off for a ride,
but I just can't get there yet.
Give me a few more years...