Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I got up the gumption the other night
to take advantage of what is sure to be

one of our last

Summer evenings.

H & I gathered up our bikes

and headed down to Oktoberfest
on the banks of the Mighty Miss.

Let's just say that Oktoberfest
was not the most captivating
experience I have had in my life.

But of course,
it was more about the journey
than the destination.

It is the moments in between
that I treasure most.

The warm sun shining on our backs

as we sipped a cool German beer.

The new to us park

that took us out to the River.

The mustard or ketchup

someone dripped on my pedal~

wait mustard or ketchup on my pedal?!

The ride home

with my best man by my side

bicycle wheels turning
lights illuminated
chatting and laughing.

I wish we had time to do this more,
but I am glad we had time to do this.
It is these special moments
that create a whole.
A hyggelig moment to return to
again and again...