Saturday, September 25, 2010

being blue...

a few bookmarked inspirations

I am feeling a bit blue
of late.

I know for a fact it is the weather.

But a little of it is the blogosphere

and my place in it.

I do not have so much time

as I used to

and putting really strong energy

into this space has been challenging

this year.

I've been here for awhile
and sometimes

I just get discouraged.

But then I read this over at
Holly's space:

...Orla says a few encouraging words about blogs that I’d like to share since I agree with her words, “As a creative forum where images can be gathered, designed and posted, blogs are an endless source of amazement and inspiration to me. Immediate and instantly accessible, they serve as a platform on which anyone and everyone can express their likes and dislikes, share their interests and passions and interact with the world.”

Her final thought is quite lovely, “It’s a powerful medium where directness and honesty override all else. Genuine and endlessly creative, the blogger’s voice is loud and clear.”

This really sums up blogging well.
I am endlessly inspired by other bloggers

I find worlds that interest me





and more.

H and I

had a sweetheart ride

planned for today,

but alas it is raining.

I hope for the sun to come out later

but in the meantime,

I am off to focus on life outside

of the computer box

so when I return

I am refreshed,


and inspired.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

May your weekend be filled with inspiration...