Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!...

It's been Hot, Hot, Hot
out there the last few days

and I am loving EVERY minute of it!

It is no secret that



Bring on the heat!

I would rather have
than -17 any day of the week.
Instead of complaining,
I choose to hop on my bicycle,

sweat profusely,

generate my own wind,

and let it cool me down.

I am my own micro climate.

I am happy.
I am zen.
I am meditating.
I am fit.
I am rolling.

This bottle has been a great asset the last few weeks.
I've been a devotee of these bottles for some time
because of the no fuss lids,

now I am enjoying the insulated upgrade.
Throw in some ice,

fill with water,
and I am chill

for a good hour thirty or more

with a nice refreshing beverage.

Using what I have to my advantage,

that's what Minnesota is all about
for me.

Generating my own hyggelig.

Living in the moment.

Hot, Hot, Hot!