Tuesday, July 20, 2010

seen around town...

We went on a family picnic recently
and sauntered over to the

Tour de Fat.
We are too old to stand around and drink beer all day
and puppy is too young to withstand the heat,
so we just took a walk around the perimeter,
said a few puppy hello's,
and ran in to this little number.

puppy wanna ride?...

I have been seeing a few of these bikes around town.
This one was all prettified, which I liked.

There is a Twins one, saw it in NordEast, no idea what it was about, but it had a Twins logo on it and there was seemingly a game that day.

I saw one cruising down the bike trail on my way to work the other day. Pretty sure this gent lives somewhere in my neighborhood. It is not the traditional Bakfiet though, it's all black and grey - any idea what it could be?

by the lake...downtown...

Other bicycle news around town...
Nice Ride seems to be popular.

I am not sure people are getting the point of it entirely,

but hey, Minnesotans love to support things in their community,

and this seems to be being embraced.

I see empty stations,

people riding around the lakes,

and every time I pass a station around town, someone is checking it out.

I do not have the time to be involved right now,

but part of me is proud this is doing so well.

Are people getting the point?

Are they using them more for recreation than transport?

Right now I am not sure it entirely matters,

it is just good people are giving it a go.

isn't this sort of drink driving?

And the
Pedal Pub...

I started seeing this around last summer

and in the last 24 hours I have seen Pedal Pub

downtown, in NordEast three times, and St. Paul.

I like that whenever I see folks on these they are laughing

and having a good time.

Kudos to Minnesotans once again

for embracing something and having a good time.