Friday, July 23, 2010

how the Republic rolls...

yes my sweet, that is a Camper shoe
placed on a Dutch-Style Bicycle...

I noticed these bicycles quite awhile ago
and I have to say, when I received the marketing brochure
I was completely seduced.
I know a lot of it is the nice photography,
my obsession for Camper Shoes,
my complete appreciation of good design,
and of course my long festering love of
Dutch bicycles,
Is it a good bicycle?
Where is it made?
How Heavy Is it?
I have no idea,
but Public Bike, damn it, you make me want you.

And of course in my opinion most good things

come out of the Bay Area,
so here we go again...

I am pretty sure I have seen this girl riding around St. Paul
on a Cream Public.
I keep wondering what the bike she is riding is
but am usually going up a hill and do not want to stop and ask.
If it is her and this is the bike,
tis a thing of beauty in passing
and they are the picture of grace and beauty
perhaps headed off to the farmer's market...

I also find it incredibly wonderful
that when I return
for my next visit to NorCal
I now have a hotel to stay at I can afford

and a bicycle I would like to ride.

h2 is not the first hotel to come up with this idea.

the W
my experience in Stockholm where we picked our Kronan's up at a hotel
and the Ace in Portland come to mind,

but this is not about originality,

it is about options.

I feel like the world of 'Dutch-Style' bicycles
has opened up so much since I began my search
at least three years ago.
It gets me excited
and I will try to post a few other bikes
of note I have been seeing soon.

I know I have a Pashley,
but so what,
I am greedy,
I want more,

California here I come...