Saturday, May 1, 2010


I recently found myself
with a few stolen moments
of solitude on a lovely Spring Afternoon.
I used to travel a lot for work,
but the last few years have changed that
for good
and for bad.
Wanderlust has started to return,
but logistically I have to find ways
to pacify
until I can once again see beyond my immediate.
I have taken to seeing my surroundings through my
'travel' eyes.
When I found myself here,
letting the sun warm me,
I had that similar feeling I used to get
on my travels.
I was outside looking in,
I was inside looking out.
I could have been anywhere,
but I was here.
The surroundings remain the same,
but how I chose to view them
transported me to another place.

Happy May Day Everyone!
We made it!!!

May your backyard journeys
transport you to your Hyggelig...