Saturday, April 17, 2010

swim and fly...

it has been a windy week here,
wind is a drag.
but a gal needs to get fit,
and I try to think of it as resistance training.
it's all in the mind...
so the other day Trek and I headed out,
my mind was working against me despite my best efforts.
mentally I was cursing the wind most of the ride,
barely able to breathe as the 20-30 mph winds blew
right up my nostrils.
it was like riding in a swimming pool.
I planned my whole ride for one stretch of road,
where the wind would be at my back.
5 minutes of sheer bliss.
I have this little straight-away I discovered last year
only for busses and bicycles.
and for 5 minutes out of 65
I was one with the wind
cranking in the big ring

Happy Saturday Everyone!
Lovely day out there (no wind)...
I'm off for a ride...