Saturday, April 10, 2010

moving forward...

special delivery for me?!!
why Thank You meli-g

For a number of years I had the mountains and the sea in front of me,
easily accessible beauty,
skiing, hiking, sailing, beaches at my feet.

For a number of years I worked in a career where like-minded friends
were easy to find,
parties, camaraderie, laughter, dependability at my feet.

Going on four years ago, all that was easy became challenging,
obvious beauty and friends were miles away,
I had to work to find beauty
I had to work to find friends.

I wallowed in sadness for too long
but I began to pull myself through it
by choosing to find beauty in the everyday.
my hyggelig.

Life is not always about being easy
Life is not always about beauty
But seek and you will find.

During my pause I have pondered many things.
I have had time to reflect,
and time to look forward.

when a piece of me was lost
i found myself wandering aimlessly, physically and mentally.
emotions taking me on
a new journey
loss creates a hole that cannot be filled,
learning how to live with the hole, accept the scar,
that becomes the challenge.

it is not about moving on,

it is about moving forward.
like the shakiness after an illness,
not knowing to step down with the left foot or the right, i begin.
because life is a beautiful thing.
the sun will come out,
the memories will remain.

Thank you everyone for your kind words
when a pause turned into unforeseen sadness.
I have been touched by those of you who reached out to me
when I was questioning the logic of opening my world to people
who existed inside my computer.

In the darkness once again I look toward beauty
and it is to this I return to share.