Saturday, December 5, 2009

my box...

Winter Prep Installment 7

As I have reported, we had an absolutely lovely November,
but having lived here three years, I new winter was just around the corner.
It dipped into those frigid temps this we
ek and the flurries started to fall,
so off I go to My Box...

I will do three posts on My Box
because I will be spending a lot of time here.

the box itself...

When we bought our house
I was so happy to finally have
my own space again!
A place to dump my things and no one would complain about it...

A place to leave projects out for weeks and no one would care...

A place to be me, me, me...

my current box set-up...

As I was looking for a job when we moved here,
we set about fixing My Box up on a budget.

I was inspired by this table at IKEA.

I wanted a big long multi-purpose work table


staring out
the window,
and placing our old computer for playing
music and watching movies, etc.

We used the leg inspiration for this table
and at the right installed some deep shelving that I made some little curtains for.
Overall I like the look of the table, but it was made of MDF and I cheaped out on the paint, so my conclusions:
MDF is too flexible for sewing on,
and cheep sticky paint just plain sucks (don't use it for many reasons).

As I am tending to sew
more and more (my goal),
I am finding that this tabl
e is really hard on my back when it comes to laying out patterns and cutting.

detail of wall

Color was also really important for me.
I was not willing to dive in with four walls of hot pink,
so I made a focus wall and painted the rest of the walls a 'daisy' yellow.
This room gets great afternoon sun in the winter,
so I wanted to take advantage of that.
I wanted this to by my Hyggelig space on winter days,
and the colors help out with that.

I also chose some fabrics with color in them for my
inspiration boards
and curtains.

I love what a few fabrics can do for a room.


So I have been working on a bit of a revision plan to My Box.
As I was out of work this summer, budget still must play a roll,

so I will be headed to IKEA to purchase a few items to snaz it up.

I have decided to divide the space into
a work/sewing table zone by making a table out of some IKEA cabinets,

a storage zone by the door with a cute little rolling cart,

Shim and Sons

an ironing zone where I will use Shim and Sons inspiration and recover my ironing board,
a cycling zone where I workout in these darkest of winter months,

and a patterning/cutting zone with an as yet to be determined high work table.
I also plan to make a cover for my old chair
to pretty her up a bit.

I am excited about revamping this room.
We initially were trying to make it a multipurpose room to also function as a guest room,
but the reality is, not many guests come to Minnesota, so I might as well really just make it my own.
We have limited real estate in our house,
so we need to use what we have to it's fullest.
Of course there is a ton of inspiration out there from which to pull ideas.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Uniform Studio

Lotta Jansdotter

Craft & Creativity

Once we set our budget and we get this room more operable,
I will be reporting back.
Until then...
I will be spending countless hours

in My Little Box...