Sunday, November 1, 2009

exceeding expectations...

The day started out right.
What was that strange thing in the sky?!

Trek and I
gleefully headed out
for a long Autumn ride.


Mid-way through it was time for
a photo in honour of our momentous occasion...

We rolled 1300 miles today.
Our first year together,

and my personal best.
What a year it has been!
Trek has been there nearly every step of the way,
when I was down,
when I was up,
and when I was even keel...

I am exalted.
Not in my wildest dreams

did I ever expect to ride any bicycle

1300 miles in one season.

In so many ways
I am a better person for it.
One big collective sigh....
and WOO HOO!

The day just kept giving.
The Sun kept shining and we

headed to the lake.

Bob's been having a rough few weeks,

I think the sun and lakeside viewing

did us all a little good.

I treasure our family time.

So quick to tears I am with my Bob...

All this while everyone else was raking leaves...

May your November also

Exceed all expectations....