Saturday, October 24, 2009

local flavour...

This is my new favourite beer.
Sometimes it is the little things.

hiding from winter's chill",
That would be me.

Saw this.
HIGHLY recommend it!
The Guthrie is an amazing
local asset to be sure.

Local bicycle flavour...

Reconfigured Downtown Bicycle lanes...
If you live here what do you think?
Personally, I haven't ridden the newest configuration yet,

there are so many better places to bicycle here than downtown,

but I have seen them from yes,

my car.

Honestly, I don't like them.
I have ridden on other streets dow
ntown in the past
thinking the bike lanes on the left made no sense,
and that the old center lanes on Hennepin were nonsensical,
but this is even odder...

They seem dangerous.

How could you consult with so many experts and end up with these types of situations?

Bless the Mpls. Bicycle folks, they think people will come around once they get 'used' to it,

but bicycles and buses seem like a poor combination.
We drove down Hennepin today and it does not yet look like this.
The signs are up, but there is no lane painting,
and it was all cars driving in the right lane.
Why is there a dotted white line?
Shouldn't it be a double white line or something between the cars and bicycles/buses?
I realize they likely need to finish all the lane painting,
but I'm feeling a bad vibe on this one...

Even Mia isn't a fan.

and bicyles and car doors and people hopping over the bicycle lane to feed the meter,
also doesn't seem to be a great solution.
I GET it - a buffer.
But I just think it's not a good solution.

Why can't we just get here now? nice....

I cycle all the time and I'm not a fa
I volunteer for a bicycle sharing organization a
nd I am not a fan,
if I don't really want to ride downtown and my comfort level with traffic and cars is fairly high,
how about those 'regular' folks the City wants to get out on their bicycles?

Time will tell.

I know Minneapolis is not done yet,
so I give them credit for trying,
and I will practice patience,
but for now, I think Nicollet may be the way to travel.
Just my two cents...
More info here, here, here, here, here and here.
Another meeting here.

And, this is kind of cool...