Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sometimes I think I want to be 'normal'.
I think I want to be like 'everyone else'.
I want to do what normal everyone else's do on the weekend.

Or so I think.
Sometimes I wake up on Sunday morning
I do not want to spend another
half of my weekend day on a bicycle.

I want to do what the everyone else's are doing.
What that is,

I am not exactly sure,
so I come to grips that I am not normal,

I hop on my bicycle,
and slowly those desires for normalcy fade away...

I enjoy the fresh air,
I enjoy the beautiful weather,
I enjoy the warmth,
I enjoy the scenery,
I enjoy being out in the world,

I enjoy getting in shape...

What was I thinking?!

To not have gone on a ride today?!...

for shame...
I never regret it.

I'm glad I am not 'normal'.