Saturday, June 6, 2009

the journey...

Though I am looking forward
to eventually finding the destination,

I am trying to focus on the journey,
being in the moment,

my mantra... I am here now.

One week ago I woke up a woman
with a heavy heart
mourning for what had just been lost.

But then I opened the curtain
and the sun was out

and its warmth became a constan
t by my side
all day
for exactly one wee

Sun, you brought me outside
to drink my morning coffee

read a book.

Sun, you got me on my bicycle
to ride in solitud
in your warmth
making my surroundings beautiful

Sun, you urged me to garden
to water my flowers
tend to our beans

smell the scent of lavender on my hands

Sometimes it is nice to end a journey


and then focus on the next one