Sunday, April 26, 2009

greener on the other side...

I've already mentioned that yes, Portland is green.

But is the grass always greener on the other side?

When we were leaving SF many people told us to head North,

Not Minnesota they said - Portland!

We always wondered...what if we had...

We had these visions of a Utopian bicycle universe where
when you stepped of the plane it was like Amsterdam - bicycles, bicycle, and more bicycles!

And the rain? That was a built up myth to keep the
tourists out.

Well, I gotta say, though Portland was beautiful,
is on the W
est Coast, so by default I love it,
and has many good things going for it,

it is quite similar to Minneapolis in many ways.

And in one way not - yes Virginia, it does rain...a lot...

I lucked out on my trip - the Sun was shining,
but H has had
many a ride shelved due to downpours the last 4 weeks

And the biking?
Maybe H and I were in the wrong places at the wrong time,
but I really did not feel like I saw a lot of people on bicycles. H has been riding his Salsa out there and rarely crosses paths with anyone else.
I saw signs of bikes, but few bicyclists.
Yeah, I believe the hype, I am sure there are a ton of bikers,

but on an average day in Minneapolis I see many more.

And so...
Portland, you are GREAT, but...
I came home finally content to be where I am at for now
I have decided that the grass is not always greener on the other side.