Thursday, December 11, 2008

hello lov-a...

I could hardly sleep I was so excited about this.
I know, it's an Electra Amsterdam - but so what?!
This could be the closest I ever come to owning an Alexander Girard.

Almost too pretty to ride.

There are two models coming out any day, this is my favorite - The Tree of Life.
Nothing about this is practical for me, but I WANT it.
She's a beaut.
Mr. Gary or Mr. Girard? Perhaps there is a Ms. out there who can one-up you both?
Ahhh, the anguish. Ohhhhh, the excitement!

And on a related note, check out this conversation H had with a colleague yesterday:
Disclaimer: Please do not hate H. He rides and races light bikes and likes to poke fun at me. He gets the whole "slow" thing, he just likes to talk the talk with his biker buds. :)
C: What is this I hear about a slow bike movement?
Slow bike – what the heck.
H: Have you been on my wife’s blog or something? She is a member… we have a philosophical difference on this.
C: A member! They have members! lol
H: Not that you join a club or pay a fee, but it is a logo you put on your blog…….they also advocate not wearing helmets. It is all about looking like the Europeans with their 1930’s style heavy 50 lb steel bikes, and justifying riding something with style and little function. Like I said, I have a philosophical differences with these people.

Added note (H just scooped this for me) - sorry it is negative:
Be careful on the Greenway fellow riders! Story here.
Take Back the Greenway ride on Saturday (should be decent weather).
Greenway stats here.