Sunday, November 16, 2008

winter basics...

Winter Prep Installment 3
In San Francisco everyone has their winter staple - a rain coat.
And you take into consideration if you want a snazzy blue coat (me), or if you want a basi
c black that will stand up to public transit riding and city living (almost everyone else).

In Minneapolis it really is not a matter of will I get the North Face parka it is now a matter of which one.
Again, basic black rules the day, but I am leaning a bit towards my favorite color - pea green.
I have tried to endure my lake walks, brisk walks into the office (from the car no less), and hopefully now a few bicycle rides, without one of these and I am finally giving in.
People have great winter style here, even if they all have the same coat.

It's not what you wear, it is how you wear it.

Since I prefer my California rain coat days to below zero Minnesota days, I look forward to being basically wrapped in a down comforter and pretending that snow is just sand on the beach in Baja.