Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the scoop...

Finally, a moment to catch up...

I was inspired for T-shirt weather today at WCP,
granted I was ne
ver unispired...
but none of these were in my size.

Lucky me, Twin Six has a sale starting on Friday.

I continue hemming and hawing about winter cycling clothes.
Yeah, I know some people say you don't need them, but...
1) They
aren't me, and
2) They don't live in Minneapolis.
This video is for us gear heads, but also those of us who want to be warm.

Today after lunch, we saw one of these cruising down Summit Avenue!
I have to admit we were coming up behind it and I, being super tired after 3 months of non-stop work, was not quite on top of my game. I had my camera with me, but sadly by the time H yelled out "Bakfiet, get your camera out!" it was too late. Believe me - it was a brilliant thing to behold in our fare city.

Welcome WorldCommute! Nice shot.

Folks in the Midwest seem to like games,
so what a better fit than Greenlight

Interestingly, it was a Gap connection that first turned me onto Electra and my discovery of the Amsterdam.
Now Gap is smitten too.

And some bicycle-goings-on with the City of Miinneapolis.

Lastly, I have been up to something...
More to come soon.