Saturday, November 8, 2008

hyggelig dreams...

Sometimes you wake up from a dream that you wish you could have stayed in and that leaves you feeling happy.
This morning was one of those times.
Perhaps it is because of Cindy's new bicycle,
or perhaps it is because the cold wet weather makes me year
n for those kickin' mudflaps (which I saw in person last week and am drooling over even more) and a chain guard - both of which do not work on my bicycle,
or perhaps it is because all summer I have waited for winter to come (yes, I just said I have been waiting for winter to come - I have lost my mind) so I could save up and start seriously searching for a bike.
Regardless, my subconscience went to work last night and I had a beautiful dream that I rode out of a tightly packed store of Dutch-style bicycles with my very first and my very own Velorbis.
I almost bought the pea-green bike with the yellow chain guard and the gold accents, but then I decided on a basic black bike.
Of course being the person that I am, I recall that in my dream as I was riding out on my new Velorbis, I was wondering if I shouldn't have bought the Azor...
Damn it was disappointing when I woke up.
But thanks to Martin's kind research - perhaps I
can dream a little more today...

And it's been awhile since I threw in some tidbits...
Minneapolis, having your voice heard does not stop on Nov. 4.
Please share here.
I already mentioned this, but again I feel it is my duty to share this here. So jealous someone got there before me!!!!
I had wanted to post on this for awhile, and now you have to pay to read it. bummer.
HOLY Smokes - if you live in one of my favorite sailing towns, you must buy this!