Thursday, October 16, 2008

imagining life...

H, Bob and I were out for some fresh air the other day and stumbled upon this beautiful home.
We felt like we had been transported to The Netherlands.

Granted the 'canal' was only two blocks away, but alas, we were still in Minneapolis.
I want to walk in the front door, grab a cup of coffee, a blanket, and a book and sit by the fireplace and day dream about a time when H and I snuggled up inside Cafe Koops in Haarlem, drank beer, and rolled cigarettes all afternoon.
Funny how a building can trigger so many good emotions.

we don't smoke, but that is why it is called vacation
we will never live in this house, but that is why it is called day dreaming

I have been enjoying Michael's posts direct from the source during his trip. Check it out here.