Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A special moment...

Sweden Installment 3
Not many American's have the special opportunity to test drive a
Skeppshult around the back alleyways of Gamla Stan, I am a very lucky gal. I loved this bike - how it glided effortlessly across the cobbled streets, how I didn't feel a bump, how I could throw my purse in the basket, how elegant I felt while riding it, and how beautiful she looked (though granted, a little modern and shiny). There are actually 4 models of the Nova, I believe I was on the Nova Comfort. It's funny how putting your foot on the pedals of a Dutch-style bike brings memories flooding in and suddenly you are in the moment of how you felt the first time you got to step onto your Mom's old Schwinn and ride by yourself around the neighborhood. Funny how one unconsciously tries to separate themselves from Mom's old blue bike, the white and blue basket, and the three speeds for 30 years and then suddenly, you step on a Skeppshult and you are like a child again - wind blowing in your hair, smile on your face, and a grand view as you look straight ahead at all the beautiful people of Stockholm biking home at the end of another perfect Sweden day.

Our conclusion is that Skeppshult is the bike of the upwardly mobile - mostly well-off folks in the better parts of town. Moms on the Nova's, and good looking business type lads (mostly 30 something) on what I believe was the STC's. Skeppshult is definitely a bike to aspire to.

After some serious discussions with Hubby about when else would I have this opportunity to buy one of these bikes a little bit (well a lot bit) cheaper than in the US, and what a great souvenir it would be, the reality of coming back to get the bike, taking it to the train station, getting it on the train to the airport, and hoping it makes it home through 3 plane transfers, as well as discussing our 2008 finances, made it difficult to walk home with the Nova on this trip. Sadly, I left her behind, but the smile on my face remains.

Thank you to Gamla Stans Cykel for the generosity, information, and memories! I plan on coming back...someday...