Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It is officially Spring...

So I am minding my own business grilling the veggies for Tofu Grill,

while Hubby is out on a team ride,

and I hear ducks. 'What are those ducks up to tonight?' I wonder to myself. So I catch them out of the corner of my eye back by my neighbor's tree - WHAT are they up to?!!!! It looks like they are about to kill each other. One male duck basically has another male duck by the neck in a tight grip while the female is upset and they are going between choking each other and jumping on her. One of these ducks is going to get killed I think! Should I run over and stop them? No, let nature take it's course. I keep grilling...and then the threesome moves under my neighbor's mini-van, the two males basically gang up on the female, one of them holds her in place and the other one, well....he gets busy. What the hey? That's how they mate? Under a blue mini van for pete's sake? Then the odd duck out disappears, and the remaining male and female hang out under the van, proceed to the bird feeder, and seem like old chums. Nature is strange, and never boring. It is DEFINITELY Spring now I think to myself.