Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the year of positivity...

We admit it, we like tv - it is no view like this one, but we do not want to completely go without it. Plus, tv comforts Bob - we've oddly noticed that without tv on the last few weeks he hasn't been hanging with us in the livingroom. So, we will reach a compromise... What we can do is get an energy star rated, smaller footprint, CABLELESS tv. Yes, we are getting rid of cable. After 5 years of cable, and 1 year of glorious HGTV - we are going to try to downgrade back down to the basics so we can enjoy more times like the one we had hiking in the forest above. I will miss Small Space Big Style and Divine Design, but hopefully I can focus more on my own small space and design, and less on zoning out. I think I am beginning to twitch, but follow the new motto...think positive!

Remember in 2008 - you get back what you give.