Thursday, March 1, 2007

my organic soap box...

Eating naturally, healthfully, organically, humanely and sustainably has been a concern of ours and came to the forefront for us when my husband's allergies to pesticides in fruits and vegetables became violently clear many years ago. Since then we have followed the evolution of the 'organic' food business. In California, our interests were even more intensified and our dedication to food issues became even stronger - especially living in Marin County. My interest in what is happening in the food industry was heightened last summer when the New York Times published an in-depth article on what it means to be organic, cautioning that not all organics are created equal. Since then I have followed the growth of Whole Foods and the heightening debate about their future.

Thanks to Anna I am currently watching
a very interesting webcast at UC Berkeley as I drink my morning coffee. This presentation with Michael Pollan and John Mackey is a great continuation of the NY Times Article I read yesterday, and the piece I saw last week on the The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour on the same issues. I suggest we all get informed, watch this interesting, upsetting (those poor animals!), and inspiring lecture by Mr. Mackey, and take time to thoughtfully think about the food we eat and those we are supporting through our purchases.

Michael Pollan's book has been on my wish list since it was published, but I now see a greater urgency to read it than ever. And after that, my next read: Alice Waters and Chez Panisse: The Romantic, Impractical, Often Eccentric, Ultimately Brilliant Making of a Food Revolution.
Local Note: If you are a student at the UofM or can afford a ticket, check out Michael locally in March at What's For Dinner? The Ethics and Aesthetics of Eating.

I will now step off the soap box, but there is so much to say on this subject I suspect I will return...

Oh yeah, and HAPPY MARCH 1st!!!!!

thanks to Maggie Burnett for the nice photo

today's view
I feel that this is a landmark day for us as we start to shed our first Minnesota winter (umm..ignore the picture...6-12 inches of snow expected today), and we can look forward to a proserous and happy Spring and Summer.