Friday, February 23, 2007


Though I can appreciate a good bike race - did you see stage one of the Amgen Tour of California?! I also like good design. I love biking and I love The Netherlands, so I have found the perfect combo thanks to jorg&olif. My bike racer husband is mortified by the thought of riding one of these heavy clunkers around - but check it out, they go up to eight gears - these sporty bikes have been updated for the modern era. And for riding downtown or to work it seems like a great solution. Plus, I can pretend I am in Amsterdam - it can be like vacation every day!

Now... a break in the blog for a moment for Thor.

My husband knows I have a soft spot for good ol' Thor.
thanks to gnat23 for the photo.

That said, I should give my ode to the Amgen Tour. The gents biked through my beloved Marin County on stage 1,

we knew those curves in the road up Mt. Tam like the back of our hands.

Mt. Tam shot

Such a proud feeling to see the tour happening again, even if we can't be there to watch, we are definitely there in spirit. The coverage of the Tour of California is impressive, we are very much enjoying our Tour de France warm up.

thanks to duerkboy for the great photo.